DATE:03 Dec, 2015


<strong>Fine Dining:</strong> up to 350 guests<br> <strong>Seated Buffet:</strong> up to 302 guests<br> <strong>Canapes & Bowl Food:</strong> up to 500 guests<br>

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The Dixie Queen is London’s largest entertainment and party boat holding up to 620 guests.

Wow guests with the enchanting and ever-changing backdrop of London’s famous sights whilst cruising aboard this large replica 19th Century paddle steamer. Sail east past the Tower of London and your guests will marvel as Tower Bridge is raised for the Dixie Queen to pass, momentarily bringing London’s busy traffic to a halt. Cruise on past Canary Wharf and historic Greenwich, round the O2 peninsula and through the Thames Barrier.

On board her proportions set the atmosphere of a ship rather than a large river boat. The flexible layout allows for a wide variety of events to be accommodated. To reflect this versatility her charter rates adapt around the number of guests on board, making her affordable for smaller groups that require the space she offers. She really is a unique venue for hire in London.

The Dixie Queen is centrally heated throughout; warm and welcoming in the winter, with an air-cooling system maintaining a pleasant temperature throughout the warmer summer months. A full brigade of chefs can serve a range of creative cuisine to meet with your requirements and budget. Set the atmosphere on board with flowers, decorations and entertainment to really bring your event alive.

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