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Safety, quality of service and customer satisfaction is of prime importance in the marine services industry. Livett’s takes pride in its track record of achieving these objectives but we must remain vigilant in reviewing our working and operating practices to reflect experience and changes in governing legislation and best practice.

The procedures set out in our Safety Management System (SMS) are designed to help establish safe working practices so that risks to life, injury, damage to vessels, property and the environment are mitigated, thereby establishing a safer working culture for all on board and ashore.

All company personnel, whether at management or operational levels, are responsible for safety and for protecting the marine environment in which we operate.


The International Safety Management Code (ISM Code) provides an international standard for the safe management and operation of ships and for pollution prevention.

Livett’s Safety Management System (SMS) exceeds the requirements of the ISM Code as it is supplemented with additional procedures, routines and policies all designed to develop a strong proactive safety culture throughout our organisation. Livett’s were awarded their full Document of Compliance under the ISM Code by the Marine Coastguard Agency in October 2016 and it has been annually verified since.

Safety and Safety Management have the highest priority in our organisation; we work hard to maintain safety onboard our vessels and constantly strive to improve our safety standards. Livett’s have an experienced team of staff afloat and ashore, a vital component of effective Safety Management.

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