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Over a period of more than 35 years, Livett’s have developed an enviable reputation for operational excellence on the River Thames.

We specialise in various marine activities on the River Thames, River Medway and connecting waterways. Our wide range of services includes:

Livett’s is hugely proud of their experienced team who are able to help with coordinating and assisting in a range of sometimes complex and usually quite innovative civil engineering projects. We have the plant and proven logistical know-how to assist with any kind of marine civil engineering.

Livett’s have vast experience in the film industry, working on well over 500 productions. We have a large fleet of specialist craft and a team of expert marine coordinators who deliver a highly professional service. Chris Livett has built a reputation as one of the best marine coordinators in the country, and has delivered some of the most technically complex stunt sequences the river has ever seen.

Livett’s specialist marine film services are available to clients wherever they are needed – whether that’s in the UK, Europe, or the rest of the world.

We offer a wide range of specialist marine services for PR stunts, events and product launches. We offer all of the marine expertise to help make so-called “crazy” ideas into a reality, safely and efficiently!

Livett’s has vast experience in towing and relocating many different types and sizes of vessel, as well as aggregate, waste, structures and cargo. Some examples include London Eye pods, Concorde, Eurostar locomotives and Thames Tideway Tunnel boring machines.

Livett’s offer a full agency service and tailored support package to superyachts and ships visiting London. A stay in the centre of London has never been so simple and rewarding.

We operate and/or own a number of private moorings and piers throughout London on the River Thames and have extensive experience locating vessels, from residential barges through to visiting superyachts.

We offer a skilled and experienced team for prompt diving work on the River Thames, including response salvage, wreck removal, filming jobs and maritime decommissioning work.

Livett’s have been at the forefront of the increasing use of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for filming projects in the heart of London and provide an expert turnkey service for their safe use.


With more than 25 boats in the Livett’s Group fleet, we offer a wide range of specialist boats for hire for all marine activities on the River Thames and connected waterways, including tugs, barges, pontoons, workboats, safety boats, camera boats, speedboats, luxury passenger boats, yachts and specialist craft.

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