Camera Rigs on Boats


Livett’s are the leading experts in providing the ideal boat for all types of camera setups for filming projects on the River Thames, as well as across UK and European waterways.

Thanks to our extensive experience and large, diverse fleet of high-quality vessels, we are well equipped to handle any filming project. We understand the importance of capturing the perfect shot and have the experience and resources to make it happen.

Our expertise in camera boat rigging solutions and filming techniques on the water allow us to meet the unique needs of each and every project, whether it’s a short scene for TV or large-scale shoot for a Hollywood blockbuster.

To give you a visual idea of what is possible when working with us, below is a selection of camera rig setups on some of our vessels. If you require more specific examples on these or other vessels, please contact us.

Bravo Lima GB

Bravo Lima GB is an ideal platform for a wide range of filming requirements, especially for high-speed chases and stunt shots.

Bravo Lima GB is capable of taking a range of camera cranes, the largest being a 30ft Technocrane. She has fixing points in the deck specifically installed as tie down points for camera equipment.

Charlie Lima

Charlie Lima is a low wash, versatile, road transportable camera boat suitable for filming rowing regattas, water sports, swimming scenes and more. The minimal wash from the vessel means she can work closely alongside a variety of marine activities without causing disturbance.

Charlie Lima can take small camera cranes – the maximum size would be a GF-8.

Echo Lima I & Indigo Lima

Sister vessels Echo Lima I and Indigo Lima boast drop down fronts making them ideal for filming work that requires divers. Dedicated trailers mean both vessels are easily road transportable and therefore fit for filming wherever they are needed across the UK and Europe.

They are ideal for handheld and steadicam work.


Equity has featured in hundreds of productions on the River Thames, both on and off-screen.

As well as space for secure camera mounts, she also offers ample room inside the cabin for crew.

Romeo Lima

A sister vessel to Bravo Lima GB, Romeo Lima boasts one key difference: the inclusion of a wheelhouse. It has been designed as such to add yet more versatility to our fleet, whilst of course providing more comfort for up to six passengers and two crew.

Romeo Lima is capable of taking small camera cranes – the largest size would be a GF-8. She also has purpose installed tie down points in the deck.

Scheldemond I

Scheldemond I is a large, self-propelled work platform that offers a huge amount of deck space for camera rigs and crew. Owing to her size, she is particularly ideal for filming work that requires stability on the water, such as plate shots or stunts.

Scheldemond I can house the largest Technocranes on the market – she has previously had a 75ft Technocrane on deck.

Other Vessels & Pontoons

Should your shoot require the hiring of a specific third-party vessel or pontoon outside of our fleet, we also have huge experience in enabling camera rigs to be successfully set up on these. Please contact us to find out more about our vessel wrangling and boat search service.

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