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Livett’s Group has a reputation for ensuring that technically demanding navigational boat movements and extreme PR stunts not only work, but are operated smoothly and with the minimum of stress for all parties involved. As a result we have been integral to the most eye-catching and ambitious stunts to have taken place on the River Thames in recent years.

We offer a wide range of specialist marine services for PR stunts, events and product launches including:

  • Marine coordination
  • Pontoon hire
  • Stakeholder liaison
  • Advice in gaining permissions
  • Towage services
  • Marine risk assessments
  • Coordination of river closures
  • Location suitability advice
  • Local knowledge

We have a vast and varied fleet to enable these creative projects:


Livett’s specialise in the weird and wonderful on the River Thames. If you have a big idea, we have the expertise and experience to make it a reality.

We offer a vast range of services which ensure even the most complex of activities goes off without a hitch.

tower bridge virgin media

Consultancy & coordination

From the pitch stage, right through to the activation itself, Livett’s provide a comprehensive consultancy and coordination service. This reassures clients when working in unfamiliar territory such as the Thames.

land rover world cup

Pontoon hire

Livett’s have a fleet of various-sized pontoons and barges to fit a client’s needs. If we do not have a suitable barge, then we will happily build one bespoke – something we have done on numerous occasions.

stakeholder liaison

Stakeholder liaison

When carrying out a complex PR stunt on the River Thames, it’s not uncommon to cross through many boroughs, bridges and various business owners and residents. From being on the Thames for over 30 years, we have the contacts and knowhow to manage these stakeholders effectively.

towage services

Towage services

Livett’s have carried out the most complex of tows on the Thames in recent history, from the longest to the highest and heaviest. We have specialist tugs and suitably qualified crew to meet all clients’ needs.

river closure

River closure coordination

Often with high-impact live PR stunts, it’s imperative the shot is achieved without any interruptions or distractions. To ensure this, Livett’s can arrange a full river closure during the stunt, something which takes careful planning, negotiation and execution.


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