Why should I book with Livett's?

For 30 plus years, Livett’s have operated to the highest standard. From simple safety boat work, to Hollywood productions, Livett’s have the local knowledge, specialist craft and marine expertise to assist with any type of enquiry.

Please refer to our testimonial page if you’re in any doubt!

What do I need to do to gain permission to film/do a PR stunt on the Thames?

Firstly call or email Livett’s!

We can sense check your plan and then put you in touch with the Port of London Authority (PLA). The PLA licence all filming/promotional events on the River Thames.

Once you have a firm plan in mind, you will need to speak to the Corporate Affairs team at the PLA. They will need a breakdown of what you wish to achieve, along with the details of all vessels you intend to use. Once they have approved your plan, a licence fee is payable to the PLA directly.

The costs for this licence are broken down here: PLA Charges Schedule 2015

Where is the best place to load/unload equipment along the River?

This depends on what you’re loading.

We suggest, heavy equipment that requires a crane lift or a forklift, goes to one of London’s working Docks, either West India Dock, Royal Docks or Tilbury.

These are safe working environments where tide is not an issue as the water level is constant throughout.

Alternatively, if you are loading equipment that can be man-handled then we own Butler’s Wharf Pier (by Tower Bridge) and Putney Pier. Both piers are in ideal locations with transport and on street parking available nearby. The fact that we own these piers means we can be flexible as opposed to using the other central London piers that are largely TFL owned.

Can I film with a drone?

In a word, yes. However this requires careful negotiation with the PLA as they will only allow drones at certain time of day and will need to co-ordinate a river closure around this. You will require at least a month’s lead in to start the negotiation process.

How fast are you allowed to go on the River?

Between just below the Thames Barrier and Wandsworth Bridge there is a mandatory speed limit of 12 knots, which then drops to 8 knots above Wandsworth Bridge.

There are however some ‘high speed zones’ in the river where specially licenced craft are able to travel faster. The first is between just below the Thames Barrier and St Saviours Dock, where high speed craft can travel up to 30 knots. The second area is between Lambeth and Wandsworth Bridge where high speed craft can travel up to 25 knots.