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A very simple idea executed seamlessly.

Six shipping containers placed on their ends on our flat top pontoon, Rover. A huge graphic was displayed on one side of the containers and revealed as the barge sailed through Tower Bridge. The barge then moored at Butler’s Wharf Pier and International rugby players, Jamie Roberts and Jamie Cudmore, attended a photo call.

Why: Under Armour wanted to kick off their involvement with the 2015 Rugby World Cup with this activation and also promote their new base layer which all the Under Armour athletes would be wearing during the tournament.

How: We locked the Rover into King George V Lock where containers were then craned onto the barge and welded down to the deck. The graphic was then applied to the side of the container and the Thames Vixen towed the barge up through Tower Bridge, just in time for a convenient Bridge Lift, providing the perfect photo! The client hired Butler’s Wharf Pier to host the event and Livett’s provided all of the essential marine co-ordination and liaison with the Port of London Authority.


“We are super happy with how it all went, you guys made it so easy and pain free…so thank you sooooo much for all your help and support (and letting us be your crew). Its defiantly more fun going to work on the river….especially if you can get to work on a speedboat every day”

Sian Baker, Managing Partner, It’s Pretty Green – Under Armour Job

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