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When: Filmed in early 2015

Where: Filmed at Tower Bridge

Why: The purpose of the shoot was to use a flat top pontoon as a camera platform rather than a low flying helicopter.  The footage could be used by the Production Team to super impose a tidal wave crashing through Tower Bridge.

How: Livett’s craned a 60ft camera crane onto a flat top pontoon, the Rover, along with generators and required filming equipment. Tug, Steven B, then pushed this pontoon up to location which was adjacent to The Tower of London. Throughout the day, Steven B pushed the Rover from North to South, spanning Tower Bridge at full speed. The Rover provided a perfectly steady and spacious camera platform for the film crew and tug Steven B was on-hand for the power and speed.

Comment: Ed Livett, Project Coordinator, commented;  “It’s always great to see the work we do on the big screen. Both Lucky Man and Fifth Wave were very tricky shoots in their own ways but both show off the River Thames superbly and also Livett’s capability in the marine film industry.”

Watch the trailer:

If you’re interested in finding out more about filming on the River Thames, please visit our River Thames filming page.

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