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What: Tall Ships Festival 2017
April 2017
Where: Royal Borough of Greenwich

The Tall Ships Festival captured the imagination of the public and media alike in early April, and we are delighted to say that Livett’s played a key role in the event.

For a week from Monday 10 April, Livett’s provided crucial marine support to Sail Greenwich and the Royal Borough of Greenwich for the hugely popular occasion.

Throughout our week on site, we provided workboat Eddie C and the Delta Lima to carry out important tasks.

The Eddie C provided regular crew and stores transfers operating from Greenwich Pier out to all the visiting tall ships, while the Delta Lima took out a range of film crews, members of the press and tall ship crew throughout the week as per requirements on a day-to-day basis.

eddie c tall ships festival greenwich

The Eddie C at work // Photo: Twitter/@EmmaDPhotos

Further to this, Livett’s provided a mooring party to assist with the moor up of each vessel upon their arrival in the River Thames for the festival.

In partnership with Crown River Cruises, Livett’s also provided a tender service from Thursday through to Sunday, running two 100 capacity tenders between Greenwich Pier and the two largest visiting tall ships – the Santa Maria Manuela and the Christian Radich.

dixie queen tall ships festival greenwich

Our Dixie Queen makes a fleeting appearance alongside the tall ships // Photo: Flickr/ajbc-photos

Throughout the peak of the festival, we transported thousands of members of the public out to these grand vessels to see them up close, running a smooth and regular service throughout.

On top of this, again in partnership with Crown River Cruises, Livett’s provided a daily refuse collection service to safely get rid of the ships’ waste in the Greenwich area.

tall ships festival greenwich

Livett’s helped with the mooring of the tall ships in Greenwich // Photo: Twitter/@marykhodgson

The festival itself was a truly fantastic spectacle which drew huge crowds to the River Thames. Although it was very busy, the week went very smoothly – and hopefully we’ll see the tall ships sailing down the River Thames once again soon!

For more information about the variety of services Livett’s offer, please visit our Services page or get in touch with us if you have any questions.

It’s better by water. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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