TAG Heuer – eFoil Launch



When: June 2021
Where: Putney; Westminster
Vessels used: Echo Lima I; Equity; Indigo Lima

This product launch was a truly unique occasion: not only was it the very first time an eFoil electric surfboard had taken to the tidal Thames, but also the last, as they are prohibited on the river. We received special permissions from the PLA to carry out this stunt under extremely strict controls.

The circumstances made for incredibly eye-catching results, however. Here’s how we helped make it happen…



To mark the launch of the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 sports watch, a visually impactful marketing campaign was dreamt up by the client. The thinking behind the story was simple: taking the most unusual commute imaginable. And it doesn’t get much rarer than surfing to work on the River Thames!

Taking on the challenge was brand ambassador Aimee Fuller, a snowboarder who has represented Great Britain at two Winter Olympics. After completing extensive training to safely operate the eFoil surfboard, the time came for Aimee’s once-in-a-lifetime journey.

To make the stunt as safe as possible, all necessary permissions and river closures were secured with the PLA. Once all preparations had been made, Aimee embarked her electric surfboard at Putney Pier and proceeded to glide through London at first light on a beautifully sunny June morning.

Her journey was made possible with the help of several vessels: Echo Lima I was the designated camera boat; Equity was deployed as the platform for drone filming; whilst Indigo Lima acted as the safety boat. Our team and fleet were further supported by highly trained safety swimmers.

Aimee successfully travelled from Putney to the Houses of Parliament at Westminster, causing many commuters on the banks of the river to double take along the way! We’re delighted to say this never-to-be-repeated stunt went without incident and the client was extremely pleased with the results.

IMPORTANT: All electric surfboards are strictly banned on the tidal River Thames. Do not attempt this or any similar stunts yourself under any circumstances.

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