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A giant inflatable rugby ball was placed on a pontoon. Inside of the ball was a bespoke Land Rover Defender, custom made to house the Rugby World Cup. Upon the ball’s arrival at Butler’s Wharf Pier, the ball opened up and the Land Rover was driven out of the ball and onto another pontoon by World Cup winner Lewis Moody.

Why: The client wanted to promote their involvement in the Rugby World Cup and the Trophy Tour as much as possible. This proved to be an original and clever way of doing just that!

How: We provided the client with a custom built pontoon, designed to hold a shipping container. Around the shipping container a metal framework was fabricated and the rugby ball was erected around that. The ball came in two parts to allow for the nose of the ball to open and the car to drive out. We also provided the ‘landing’ pontoon which the Defender drove out onto and designed a bespoke mooring arrangement which ensured the two pontoons were secure before the car could drive off. Livett’s camera and safety towage were all integral to the stunt and Butler’s Wharf Pier provided the iconic back drop required!


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