When: June 2018
Where: Throughout the River Thames

There was only one place to be on 30 June – the magnificent River Thames, where the Red Bull Music Odyssey set sail with six incredible boat parties in another spectacular first for the river.

Each vessel represented one of six diverse UK music scenes and together they formed a truly unique maritime rave. Although London’s waterways have played host to all manner of amazing musical performances over the years, nothing quite like the Red Bull Music Odyssey had played out before.

Here’s how Livett’s played a crucial role in bringing together many of the finest artists from the UK and beyond on the River Thames.



A year before the Music Odyssey set sail, Red Bull approached Livett’s with the original idea of creating a truly unique event on the river. The brief – six different venues, with six different genres of music and over 50 live artists all performing in unison – was decided upon and many months were spent consulting the feasibility and finding the right boats for the event.

Following an extensive period of intense planning, the event week soon rolled around. Every vessel – which included our Dixie Queen, Erasmus, Elizabethan and Edwardian – required a different themed set to be constructed. This also included bespoke external branding on each vessel, all of which was completed the day prior to the event.

Butler’s Wharf Pier was used as the embarkation point for all vessels, which totalled some 2,000 guests who had sold out the event within minutes of it going on sale. Timing was a vital part of Livett’s organisation for the event – our coordination allowed for the successful helicopter filming element to the evening’s proceedings. A key example of this was the requirement to have all six vessels in formation as they travelled under Tower Bridge which had to be timed to perfection.

Livett’s also provided a tug and barge to lead the musical armada, upon which a giant LED screen was constructed. This streamed live footage of the event to all passers by on the riverside.

The entire event with off without a hitch with Livett’s involvement and proved to be a hugely successful and popular event on the Thames. It generated a huge amount of buzz on social media, too: Red Bull put together 37 of the most incredible snapped moments following the event, which you can view here.

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