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When: September 2017
Where: Royal Victoria Dock, Tower Bridge

To raise awareness for Remember A Charity’s In Your Will Week, a stunt specifically targeting the baby boomer generation took place on the River Thames in early September.

To launch the campaign, former pirate radio and BBC Radio 1 DJ Emperor Rosko sailed down the river on a recreation of offshore radio station Radio Caroline’s Ross Revenge boat, waving a Last Pirate FM flag.

Livett’s worked with Frank PR to help find the vessel for the stunt, which ended up being Light Vessel 93 based in Royal Victoria Dock. We worked with the PR agency, ship owner and the Royal Docks Management Agency to coordinate the vessel leaving its mooring and out onto the Thames.

light vessel 93 felix tug royal victoria dock

Photo: Andrew Christy

We provided two tugs to carry this out: navtug Felix and Thames Vixen. The first movement had to take place after London City Airport shut due to the height of the light vessel and the need to travel so close to the airport’s runway.

light vessel 93 felix tug tow

Photo: Andrew Christy

On the day of the event, we towed the vessel up into Central London and swung her just in front of Tower Bridge to allow photographers and camera crew to get the shots they required.

livetts tug felix light vessel 93 london tow

Here, Livett’s workboat Alfie acted as both a camera boat and means to transfer film crew on and off Light Vessel 93.

Vessels of this nature are notoriously tricky to tow. However, with the capabilities of the navtug and Thames Vixen along with the expertise of the Livett’s crew, the job was carried out seamlessly to the client’s requirements.

radio caroline ross revenge light vessel tower bridge

Light Vessel 93 had an extended stay on our mooring until the time came to return to her berth in Royal Victoria Dock.

Video of the event:

Light Vessel 93 info:

Built: 1938
Length: 134ft (40.84m)
Beam: 25ft (7.62m)
Depth: 15ft (4.57m)

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Thanks to Andrew Christy for his great photography. Check out his Flickr for more!

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