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6 x Giant inflatable and illuminous Lotto balls were rigged onto 5 different barges and towed up through Tower and London Bridge!
Why:The client wanted to promote and raise awareness for a new Lotto game!

How:We provided 5 different barges to the client, along with a build site. These barges were dressed and each ball was fixed down onto the barges and inflated. There were individual generators on each barge to ensure the balls stayed inflated at all times! We provided a tug to tow the balls like a string of sausages, with another tug tied on the last ball to allow for as much control as possible!


“I’ve only just really settled back into the land of the living. So do accept my apologies for the delay in saying…THANK YOU! Ed, you really do have a fabulous team and I cannot thank you and them enough. It has been quite an adventure!”

David Chambers, Senior Account Manager, Ministry of Fun, Camelot Lotto Balls event!


Adweek – giant-balls-float-down-river-thames
London24 – giant_lotto_balls_light_up_the_river_thames

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