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When: Filmed in Spring 2015

Where: Filmed at various locations along the River Thames; Royal Victoria Dock, Gallions Point Marina, Greenwich, Deptford Creek and Butler’s Wharf Pier.

What: The primary scene involved a boat chase sequence involving 2 x Fletcher speed boats, culminating in a big stunt in Royal Victoria Dock.

Livett’s provided the marine co-ordination, camera boats, safety boats, drone launch vessels and a floating green room for this production, along with licenced Thames Skippers to drive the craft during the high speed sequences.

Livett’s assisted with this production from the beginning. From helping to find various locations, to carrying out the chase and advising what was ultimately possible on the Thames and in the Royal Docks. Livett’s helped to source both the action boats and carried out the necessary works on-board the two speedboats to ensure they were up to current PLA licensing standards.

Careful liaison with the PLA was essential throughout this job as river closures were required to carry out the high speed filming. There was also the added element of a drone during certain parts of the filming, which is another risk.

All shots were done at night, increasing the risk level, however the shoot finished without an incident and all parties were happy. The Royal Victoria Dock proved again to be the perfect location to carry out a high speed stunt where actors were required to enter the water. It’s safe and manageable whilst also giving that recognisable London backdrop.

Careful marine coordination was essential throughout as there was up to 12 boats on location at any one time. The filming was thoroughly enjoyable and the end product looked great!

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