Lotus Eletre Launch



When: March 2022
Where: King George V Dock; Butler’s Wharf Pier; River Thames, primarily from Tower Bridge to Hammersmith
Vessels used: Scheldemond I; Bravo Lima GB; Artemis

To mark the unveiling of the world’s first all-electric hyper SUV – the Lotus Eletre – this groundbreaking vehicle took an eye-catching journey through the heart of London.

There was much more to this project than meets the eye, with the fantastic results only being made possible thanks to the expertise of highly-skilled individuals both on and off the river.

Here’s how we helped make it happen…



Livett’s were engaged by Blueprint Partners and their wider creative team to assist with the River Thames section of the Lotus Eletre’s journey. This was to see a Lotus-branded container placed on the deck of a vessel and taken up river to Hammersmith, where the main unveiling event was taking place.

Our specialist craft Scheldemond I was the vessel of choice owing to her large deck space and ample onboard power capabilities. This once again highlighted her fantastic versatility for a wide range of uses on the Thames. Meanwhile, Artemis was deployed as a safety boat.

The work started at King George V Dock, with sections of Scheldemond I being branded in Lotus colours. The container, along with other pieces of equipment required for the shoot, was then delicately moved from shore to ship by the expert cranage team.

Key to bringing this activation alive was the quality of lighting, with beams of Lotus yellow ensuring the container stood out against the backdrop of London’s night sky. This was achieved in some style and made for some incredible photography alongside some of the capital’s greatest landmarks.

As is becoming increasingly common, drones played a major role in this product launch. Pilot Steve Peters – one of our recommended drone suppliers on the River Thames – boarded Bravo Lima GB at Butler’s Wharf Pier to meet Scheldemond I mid-river. Bravo Lima GB proved her credentials as an ideal drone platform, successfully tracking the Lotus container up to its Hammersmith destination and helping to capture amazing footage in doing so.

Upon arrival at Hammersmith, the Lotus Eletre container was safely craned back on to the shore before continuing its journey. The main launch event later took place at BBC Television Centre: a spectacular live show featuring F1 legend Jenson Button which was broadcast worldwide on a YouTube live stream.

This event also included a short film of the Lotus Eletre’s stunning journey on the Thames, which you watch in the video above.

Interested in creating a unique product launch on the River Thames? Visit our PR & Consultancy page for more information or get in touch using the enquiry form below. We would be delighted to help!

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Client Testimonial

“Thank you so much for everything! It was a smooth experience and the team were nothing short of excellent! Please pass on our thanks to all involved. Definitely worth mentioning the crane team who were very patient with us, and we really appreciate the effort from them!”
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Stephen Myland
Director, The Production Place Live



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