When: December 2018
Where: King George V Dock; Westminster

Livett’s were truly delighted to play a key role in the planning and execution of the London New Year’s Eve 2018 fireworks show, the first time we have been the sole marine contractor for this event.

The biggest annual firework display in the UK, the midnight celebration is an iconic occasion and famous across the world as the country welcomes in the new year in colourful style.

We’re very pleased to say the spectacular 10 minute display was a huge success, as you can see from the video. Here’s how we helped make it happen…



An extremely high-profile event of this nature requires months of meticulous planning to ensure every element of preparation has been suitably covered. Livett’s began talks surrounding London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display in spring 2018 with both of the project’s key players, firework suppliers Titanium Fireworks and live event specialists Jack Morton Worldwide.

Courtesy of our extensive and varied fleet, we were able to provide the perfect selection of pontoons for Titanium Fireworks to use as platforms for the explosive show – Dart, Rover and Sidney L. To support these, tugs Steven B and Thames Vixen, safety boat Eddie C and the specialist vessel Scheldemond I were also called upon.

In the week leading up to New Year’s Eve, Livett’s delivered the three flat top barges to King George V Dock. Here, Titanium Fireworks safely and securely loaded and prepared the fireworks ready for the show. Suffice to say these are a bit bigger than your standard Bonfire Night rockets!

On 30 December, we towed all three pontoons up to Westminster to ensure they were in the vicinity in good time. As part of the build-up on New Year’s Eve, we then placed all the platforms into their final show positions either side of the London Eye and on London Eye Pier.

To add that extra bit of sparkle, we utilised Scheldemond I to lift in modular pontoons with mini firework displays on board and moored them between the flat top pontoons. Eddie C was the designated safety boat on the night in the event of any unforeseen issues.

The display, which transpired to be one of the most talked-about in recent years, went off perfectly much to the delight of the watching crowds!

Following the successful completion of the event, Scheldemond I moved back into position to remove the linkflotes out of the water. Once the tide allowed, Steven B and Thames Vixen took the flat top pontoons back to King George V Dock for the derig. This process finished on 2 January, with Dart, Rover and Sidney L all subsequently returning to work on the Thames Tideway Tunnel.

Livett’s Group Director Ed Livett commented: “It was fantastic to be involved in such an iconic event, one which London is recognised for around the world. It is even more pleasing that the firework display went off without a hitch and was enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people watching on in person and millions more around the world on television.

“We had over 30 marine crew working on New Year’s Eve, and it is a testament to their devotion and professionalism that we were able to deliver the marine element of London’s firework display successfully.”





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