Lockwood & Co



When: January 2022
Where: Deptford; Wapping
Vessels used: Bravo Lima GB; Echo Lima I; Elizabethan; Indigo Lima; Lima Lima I; P2; Scheldemond I

Our burgeoning partnership with Netflix continued in early 2022 by assisting in the production of their latest binge-worthy show, Lockwood & Co.

Based on the hugely popular book series of the same name, Lockwood & Co tells the story of teenage ghost hunters who track down and do battle with evil spirits in the dead of night. Some high-profile scenes in the series were filmed on the River Thames, which our expert marine filming team helped to facilitate.

Here’s how we helped make it happen…



Securing the best filming locations to accurately portray the story was integral to this shoot, so a significant amount of time was spent working with location managers on this. After multiple recces throughout the Thames, we settled on Wapping and Deptford before brokering the deal with the PLA to gain the necessary permissions.

As all scenes on the river were night shoots, we had to provide adequate lighting for the crew to work safely. To facilitate this we hired two large flat top pontoons and equipped them with powerful lighting cranes.

Highlighting our unrivalled experience in the operation of camera rigs on boats, Scheldemond I was fitted with a 50ft Technocrane to film the water-based scenes. She was the perfect vessel for this as spud legs enabled her to safely position herself into what were very tricky, shallow tidal locations.

The hero boat for the shoot was an old and run-down workboat, which we wrangled for the production team. We also provided safety boats, divers, and welfare boats, with the Elizabethan deployed to help keep more than 150 crew safe and warm during filming in what were freezing conditions.

Once work on the Thames was completed, follow-up scenes with the boat at Pinewood Studios’ underwater stage needed to be filmed. To achieve this, we enlisted a specialist haulage service to crane the boat out of the water and safely transport it to Pinewood Studios – and back again once underwater filming wrapped.

The eight-episode series launched in January 2023 and immediately became the most-watched show on Netflix. This made it the second No1 trending series we have worked on for Netflix in a matter of months.



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