When: May 2018
Where: Tilbury Docks for the pontoon stunt build; Tow from Tilbury to Vauxhall and back again

To promote the summer release of blockbuster Hollywood sequel Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Livett’s were given a monster of a task – taking a Tyrannosaurus Rex on a journey through the heart of London!

We worked with the UK’s No1 outdoor advertising agency JCDecaux, who wanted to place the dinosaur in iconic London locations as part of their advertising brief for the film. Of course, there is no better location to capture attention and secure unique vantage points than the River Thames.

Livett’s expert knowledge of precisely how to execute such PR activity on the Thames ensured this eye-catching stunt went off without a hitch. Here’s how we helped make it happen…



Once the client, JCDecaux, decided on using the Thames to launch their promotional campaign for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, they tasked Livett’s with making their vision become a reality. The concept was to have a fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex breaking free from its cage on board a pontoon, an eye-catching sight sure to attract attention.

We provided their team with access to our Tilbury Docks berth for the stunt build on board pontoon Scheldemond II. Tilbury Docks once again proved to be an ideal location for filming and rigging thanks to the consistent water level making it a safe and stable environment to work in.

Once the T-Rex was ready for show, it was towed from Tilbury to Vauxhall and back again by navtug Christian. Getting the right timings for this was crucial, so Livett’s also provided passage planning built around tidal and bridge restrictions to ensure the pontoon reached the right places at the right times to maximise exposure. In order to gain press shots and footage, Lima Lima I was also utilised as a camera boat to sail alongside.

This simple but effective stunt was executed over the course of two days and was a roaring success, garnering much media coverage, including in the Mail Online, ITV News, CinemaBlend and Famous Campaigns – as well as being spotted by the MPS Marine Policing Unit!

Once the dino had its time on the Thames, it was taken across the capital for further marketing activity. This included the film’s London launch featuring its stars at Tower Bridge, as you can see below:



"I’d just like to thank you and express how delighted we were with the stunt today, as well as the process with you for the whole thing. It’s certainly been so much smoother compared to other elements of the campaign. It’s been an absolute breeze to work with you and thanks for being so accommodating with the camera crew today as well. Thanks again, we’ll definitely be in touch again for future Thames based campaigns, which I’m sure we’ll receive plenty of briefs for following today’s success!"