When: October 2018
Where: City of London
Vessels used: Equity; Lima Lima I; Echo Lima I

When Livett’s were asked to help action hero Jack Ryan during his explosive visit to London, we were only too happy to answer the call.

Filming for the blockbuster Amazon Prime show’s second season came to London in late 2018, with its key sequence consisting of a dramatic rooftop chase, culminating with a death-defying leap into the River Thames.

Livett’s expert marine filming and coordination team ensured this heart-stopping stunt went perfectly to plan. Here’s how we helped make it happen…



We were tasked by the production company behind Jack Ryan to help them plan and film this incredibly ambitious chase scene, marking our first major collaboration with Amazon Prime.

We began by helping their team find the ideal location for the stunt to be carried out, taking into account the complexities of the rooftop chase element of the scenes. Once this was settled upon, we surveyed the area, ensuring the depth of water was safe, and recommended appropriate days and times for the jump to take place.

All marine coordination and safety measures were carried out by us, which included liaising with the Port of London Authority to obtain permissions for the stunt to go ahead and arranging river closures. On the day we provided safety divers, two safety boatsLima Lima I and Echo Lima I – and utilised Equity as a camera boat.

Filming was carried out across two weekends, with the stunt being performed successfully without incident several times. The scene is featured in episode four of the second season of Jack Ryan.

This was another fantastic project to be involved in, helping to showcase London to global audiences. It once again illustrated what it’s possible to achieve on the Thames with the right ideas, imagination and expert teams working together.

Livett’s Group Director Ed Livett commented: “On paper this stunt appeared to be too dangerous to undertake. However, with all safety control measures in place and with a meticulous attention to detail in planning, we were able to ensure filming was a total success.

“The stunt was successfully executed three times on the day, and the production team were delighted with the results. It proves once again that the River Thames is both a safe and inspired choice for groundbreaking stunts. Hopefully we will be able to welcome Jack back to London during his next adventure!”