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When: Summer 2014

Where: Southwark Bridge

What: Livett’s played an integral role in filming a car chase scene which formed part of Sacha Baron Cohen comedy Grimsby (known as The Brothers Grimsby internationally).

The scene featured a car careering off Southwark Bridge before “plunging” into the Thames and required Livett’s involvement from the outset and throughout in order to achieve the production company’s desires.

How: The operation began with a pontoon being delivered to the King George 5th Lock in London’s Royal Docks, the non-tidal waters of which allowed successful loading of the filming equipment and crane onboard.


The Steven B tug was then used to push the pontoon up the River, eventually placing it underneath Southwark Bridge, allowing for the manoeuvring of the camera crane as per the film crew’s needs.


Due to the height of the pontoon and camera crane and the rising tide of the Thames acting as a virtual sand timer, it was key that all operations were committed as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible in order to satisfy the client’s needs.

Filming took place on a blisteringly hot Saturday in the height of summer, thus it was vital that all work undertook didn’t disrupt traffic, either on land or on water. This required critical liaising with the PLA, film crew and extensive marine co-ordination in order to allow filming to take place smoothly. This was achieved.


Although this was a comparatively smaller job for Livett’s compared to other projects we have been involved in, such as James Bond and Harry Potter, it illustrated the importance that efficient logistics have on the River Thames – and it’s a good example of the effort, thought an actions that go into every scene filmed on the River, no matter how big or small.

You can see the result in Grimsby’s trailer below, at the 45 second mark:

If you’re interested in finding out more about filming on the River Thames, please visit our River Thames filming page.

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