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When: June 2017
Where: Purfleet, Port of Tilbury

Bennett’s Barges worked with Collett Transport, who specialise in heavy lifting industrial services, to assist with the removal of 13 empty/purged CO2 storage tanks based at Yara in Harrison’s Wharf, Purfleet.

The tanks were tricky customers, weighing 70 tonnes individually and measuring a sizeable 30.75m x 4.3m x 4.4m. Located right on the river wall, the tanks were best designed to transfer out by barge.

co2 tanks purfleet

Bennett’s provided their largest barges, the Alan Bennett and Gordon Bennett – both of which holds measure 66 metres in length – which were delivered at high water by navtug Christian and workboat Eddie C.

co2 tanks barge purfleet

Only two of the tanks could fit in each barge at a time. Due to the tidal nature of the berth at Harrison’s Wharf, we had up to one hour to load the barge with them. Once full, the barges were towed to the Port of Tilbury, where they were subsequently removed and disposed of.

This process was repeated until all tanks were removed.

co2 tanks bennett's barges purfleet

This job marked the completion of a full circle for Livett’s involvement in these particular CO2 tanks. Managing Director Chris Livett’s father, Ron Livett, originally delivered the tanks to the Purfleet site back in the 1980s – also with the assistance of the Eddie C – and we ended up taking them away some decades later.

ron livett purfleet co2 tanks

Spot Ron Livett!

For more information about the marine logistics and towage services Livett’s offer on the River Thames, please visit our dedicated page and contact us with any enquiries you may have.

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