Cannon Street Railway Bridge Repainting



When: March 2023
Where: Cannon Street
Vessels used: Artemis; Scheldemond I

Our client for this significant marine civil engineering project was BAM Nuttall, who were operating on behalf of Network Rail. The repainting of Cannon Street Railway Bridge represented not just a cosmetic enhancement to the bridge, but also served as a vital maintenance operation.

Here’s how we helped make it happen…


The objective was to repaint the underside of every arch of Cannon Street Railway Bridge. Regular repainting of bridges spanning the River Thames is crucial to help guard against corrosion, thus ensuring both the safety and aesthetic appeal of these integral structures.

To facilitate this challenging task, the highly versatile work platform Scheldemond I was called upon. Renowned on the river for its stability and adaptability, Scheldemond I proved instrumental in yet another key project’s success.

Using a bespoke mooring system, Scheldemond I was able to lock into position under the bridge, providing safe and stable access to the underside of the bridge at all states of tide. Two mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) were placed on deck, which enabled the painting team to safely and efficiently reach all required areas under the bridge.

Alongside her, we also deployed Artemis as the safety boat. Artemis’s shallow draft made her an ideal choice for operating in the restricted spaces under the bridge, ensuring the utmost safety for the crew during operations.

Owing to the bridge’s constant use during the day, the painting operation was conducted nightly over a 12-week period, demonstrating the commitment and efficiency of our team in managing extensive and time-sensitive projects.

We are proud to say the repainting of the bridge finished on schedule and, most importantly, without any safety incidents whatsoever. As always, it was a pleasure to be involved in maintaining the integrity and beauty of London’s essential river infrastructure.

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