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A huge florescent bear on a barge with jets of purple ‘Candy Crush Soda’ fired into the sky surrounding it whilst passing through Tower Bridge.

Why: This stunt coincided with similar events worldwide, co-ordinated by Jack Morton. The brief was to create as much hype as possible surrounding the launch of a new Candy Crush game. Lifting Tower Bridge gave them this impact!

How: We provided the client with a 30m x 10m flat top pontoon. Upon which a collection of highly skilled and creative riggers built a tower on board, designed to hoist a giant bear 18m high into the air. Furthermore, complex systems of pumps were rigged on deck to suck water from the Thames and fire jets of water in various directions. All of these elements, combined with a clever light show, created a treat for the eyes! Livett’s provided the towage (in this case we pushed the barge so the tug was hidden from camera), the safety & camera boats, a build location and the all-important passage planning!


“Just a quick note to say a big thank you for all your hard work on making the Candy Crush Soda Saga launch event in London such a great success. It all worked really well and it was pleasure working with you.”

Mark Bustard, Senior Producer, Jack Morton Worldwide, Candy Crush Event

Watch a video of the stunt:


Express – Candy-Crush-Soda-Saga
Metro – tower-bridge-pink-spectacle-for-candy-crush
Standout Magazine – candy-crush-soda-saga-launches
Standard – candy-girl-nicole-scherzinger-lights-up-tower-bridge
DailyMail – Nicole-Scherzinger-soda-spectacle-River-Thames

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