When: 2009–2012
Where: Blackfriars

Livett’s were the principal marine contractors on behalf of Balfour Beatty, tasked with planning and executing the entire refurbishment of Blackfriars Rail Bridge from the river side.

The platforms of the railway station were extended onto the Bridge itself, all arches and abutments were repainted and all steel work was rebuilt. Furthermore, the bridge itself was widened in order to allow more train tracks on the bridge itself.

The majority of the equipment required for the works were delivered by river, therefore the marine coordination was key to the success of the project. The station became the first to span the entire width of the River Thames.



Livett’s had a marine presence at Blackfriars Rail Bridge 24/7 for over three years, managing all marine movements and operations. Crane barges, tugs, multi cats and safety boats were all provided and crewed by Livett’s working at all states of tide to carry out the necessary work.

We designed bespoke mooring systems which allowed arches to remain closed and for barges to remain in position under an arch at all states of tide. Livett’s worked closely with the client and the PLA to ensure all movements were planned effectively and all relevant stakeholders kept informed.


"A hearty congratulation to you all for the successful completion of the structural works in support of the bridge widening on Saturday. Most importantly, a massive thank you to you all for your efforts in achieving this major milestone for us. It been the culmination of 3½ years of hard graft since we started meeting and achieving all the challenges put before us, along the way. Of particular note, has been the dedication and professionalism you have shown along the way in achieving the targets we had set in front of us. Well done particularly on the safety front I know others do not always notice but you have produced the pier extensions and abutment works and achieved the AFR target of 0.1 set by the Zero Harm campaign when we look back at the stats, thank you. This has been an excellent effort, congratulations this is the standard we must strive to maintain as a minimum standard and continue to strive to improve upon. Once again, a massive thank you all for the part which you played in this success.”
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Barry Scanlan
Balfour Beatty