Amphibious Land Rovers on the River Thames



When: September 2023
Where: River Thames, from Mortlake to Greenwich
Vessels used: Alfie; Bravo Lima GB

In autumn 2023, we played a pivotal role in a groundbreaking activity on the River Thames: the eye-catching voyage of two custom-made amphibious Land Rovers.

This project showcased our unrivalled expertise in marine coordination and support, however unique the challenge, as we worked alongside Safety Boat Services to create a spectacular and safe journey through the heart of London.

Here’s how we helped make it happen…



Our involvement began when we were approached to collaborate with Safety Boat Services. Known for their expertise in nearshore and intertidal vessel management across the UK and Europe, Safety Boat Services spearheaded the construction of the twin amphibious Land Rovers.

These were meticulously designed to safely navigate tidal waterways across the world, with the ultimate aim of the Land Rovers to drive from London to New York – travelling a total distance of 3,400 miles across icy roads and sea.

As part of its mission, the amphibious Land Rovers journeyed from Mortlake to Greenwich Yacht Club. This route not only tested the special vehicles’ tidal capabilities, but also guaranteed grabbing the public’s attention against the backdrop of London’s historic landmarks.

To ensure a smooth and safe passage, Livett’s provided crucial support throughout.

An essential aspect of our role was liaising with the Port of London Authority (PLA) to secure the necessary permissions, ensuring the activity complied with all safety and regulatory requirements.

Thereafter, our contribution also included providing two licensed skippers who expertly piloted the vessels down the river. Their skill and knowledge of the river’s dynamics were instrumental in the Land Rovers’ safe journey.

On the day, we provided two additional vessels. Bravo Lima GB doubled up as a camera boat and drone platform, allowing the team to capture some amazing footage.

Meanwhile, Alfie joined as a support boat, ready to assist in the event of any breakdowns or mechanical issues. Fortunately its services weren’t required, as the amphibious Land Rovers performed flawlessly, with the entire event unfolding safely and without any issues.

We were delighted to be involved in this voyage, as it adds to our immense reputation for facilitating extraordinary activities on the River Thames. It also brought back some fantastic memories of a similar PR stunt in 2015, when a floating Land Rover emerged from a giant rugby ball on the river to mark the upcoming Rugby World Cup.

Such projects highlight our commitment to enabling innovation and excellence in marine logistics on the river. We look forward to seeing what takes on the Thames next!



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