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Why: Airbnb wanted to raise awareness and engage potential travellers in a disruptive way beyond their screens. So, to make Londoners and tourists see the city differently, the brief was to create a fairytale-like house that floated on the River Thames. Guests could stay in the Floating House and experience a once-in-a-lifetime journey through the unique neighbourhoods of London. Hundreds of publications covered the magical experience, captivating a global audience and encouraging many to try the adventure of the Airbnb community for themselves.

How: Livett’s teamed up with Star Events on this project and the result was superb! Star masterminded the build of the Floating House; everything to what it was built on (unifloats) to making the domestic plumbing work. Livett’s on the other hand provided the local knowledge and marine plant to get the Floating House from A to B.

Over a series of five days Livett’s provided tugs, camera boats, safety boats and also exclusive use of Putney Pier to help make the stunt a success. Liaison with the PLA was essential for this stunt also as it had never been done before!


“Thank you all so much for your expert help on the floating house voyage. The advice you gave was spot on and everyone you put us in touch with was brilliant. Our experience with all the watermen has been unbelievable, to a man they could not have done more for us. The tug crews obviously, the support boats were great, everyone at the docks, and Bert and Ben need a special mention, they couldn’t have been more helpful and they weren’t even supposed to be doing most of the work they did. As I said in my email yesterday, we all feel privileged to have experienced our time with you and your team, I can’t thank you enough. The Thames is a special place.”

Andy Ashton, Production Manager, Air Bnb Floating House Project

Watch a video of the stunt:


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To find out more about how Livett’s can help your next product launch, brand activation or PR stunt take place on the River Thames, visit our PR & Consultancy page.

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