Yachts, cruise ships and monkeying around – summer on the Thames is here!

pg tips green tea monkey tower bridge

Given that we can’t rely on the weather – this is Britain after all! – there are usually three key indicators to us at Livett’s which let us know summer has arrived.

These are:

  • Super yachts begin to descend into the capital
  • Cruise ships make their way up the Thames into the heart of London
  • Filming and stunts on the river ramp up a notch

We’ve experienced all of these in the past week or so – and so we’re pleased to announce that British summer time is here!

Here’s what Livett’s has been involved in this month with these new arrivals…

MY Vanish

my vanish river thames

The first super yacht of the season, MY Vanish moored at St George’s Tier, just down river from Butler’s Wharf pier for a week’s stay in London. As per our duties in having the contract for managing yachts in the capital, we assisted with her mooring and shuttling to and from the vessel. A spectacular new yacht, you can see and read more about her here.

MS National Geographic Explorer

ms national geographic explorer tower bridge

The second cruise ship arrival of the summer, the National Geographic Explorer drew the attention of London as she was tugged up river, towards her eventual mooring alongside HMS Belfast. Naturally, due to her size, Tower Bridge raised to let her through, as you can see in our fantastic image.

Livett’s play a critical role when cruise ships visit London, offering a regular chartered ferry service to passengers on board to Tower Millennium Pier opposite.

PG Tips Monkey

pg tips green tea monkey big ben

The latest PR stunt taking centre stage on the Thames came courtesy of “MON-KEH!”, the unmistakable face of PG Tips.

On Monday 16 May, a hedge-covered version – complete with giant mug – took to the Thames to promote their all-new green tea.

He got plenty of attention from those on terra firma, as you can see…

This past week shows just how versatile Livett’s Group is to you every need on the river, whether it’s for leisure or work. Remember to check out our portfolio case studies and latest news section to see more and get in touch with us today if you have a Thames-based enquiry!