Livett’s kick off the new year with two films showing in UK cinemas

river thames filming row boat

In early January the Livett’s team was pleased to see that two feature length movies that we provided marine services for were showing in Cinemas around the world. This capped off an extremely busy 2014 in the filming and PR areas of the business. Said films are “The Theory of Everything” starring Eddie Redmayne, and “Black Sea” starring Jude Law.

The Theory of Everything is a tear-jerking biopic looking at the life of famous physicist Stephen Hawking, played impressively by Redmayne. A favourite to win several Academy Awards including Best Picture, the film includes a scene in which a young Hawking and his friends take part in a friendly rowing race, which is where the experience of Livett’s Group was called into action. Filming took place in Henley over a two day period, with Livett’s skipper Dave Arnold on board a vessel that we had sourced for filming.

In Black Sea Jude Law plays an unemployed submarine captain leading a crew of mercenaries on a dangerous hunt for treasure rumoured to lie on board a Nazi submarine wreck. With the majority of the film set inside the sub, Livett’s were tasked with sourcing a suitable vessel to recreate such surroundings. With this in mind we arranged for filming to take place on a decommissioned Russian submarine that sits in the River Medway at Rochester and provided and extensive range of services and vessels throughout the six week project.

In addition to “Black Sea” and “The Theory of Everything”, on 23rd January 2015 Johnny Depp’s action-comedy “Mortdecai” will also be released in the UK. Livett’s were involved shooting this at the Royal Docks in early December 2013, with flat top pontoon Dart and several of our work boats and crew on location.

With various substantial filming projects already on the horizon for 2015, we hope that there are many occasions in future that several movies are released simultaneously that Livett’s have worked on. For any enquiries please contact our Projects team at or on 0207 378 1211.