River Works; An Update

banksider pier works

Bankside Pier

The Bankside Pier extension we are assisting with is in the final stages.

Most recently at the Pier, Livett’s have had multi-cat ‘Jessica S’ on hire. She replaces and fulfils the job of the Scheldemond I, which has been moved on to another project.

If everything goes ahead, the pontoon extension is due to be delivered and installed in the next week or so, watch out for another news article this week with further updates for you!

banksider pier works

Baynard House

We have also been back at Baynard House on behalf of Bam Nuttall over the last couple of weeks.

The goal here is to remove the remaining sheet piling that was installed as part of a coffer dam last year.

Bam Nuttall have had the Scheldemond I and II on hire since last Monday (18/1/16) to complete the works at Baynard House.

scheldemond i baynard house

A dive team has been using the Scheldemond I as a platform to dive from and to carry out cutting works on the piles. Once the piles have been cut, the Scheldemond’s on-board hi-ab has been used to crane the piles out of the river and onto the deck of the Scheldemond II, the bolt on attachment to I which when together gives an overall length of 54 metres and an enormous amount of deck space.

The Scheldemond I has been able to use her own spud legs to position the boat in the perfect location to cut the piles whilst also providing maximum stability for the divers and crane operations.

The Scheldemond II has been used to store the cut sheet pile segments, moored opposite at Bankside lay by. Work is due to be completed this week.

Thames Tideway Tunnel

The Thames Vixen and our flat top pontoon, Rover, started work for Volkerstevin this month on the Thames Tideway Tunnel preliminary works.

The tug has been positioned on the lower side of Blackfriars Railway Bridge. Here she has been manoeuvring the flat top pontoon Rover along the north shore and carrying out sampling dredging works. The Rover will be used to transport and store sheet piling and miscellaneous plant and equipment to be utilised on site at Blackfriars.

Livett’s has been working closely with the principle clients and 1st tier contractors since 2014. We are delighted now to be working on the delivery of the preliminary works.

thames tideway tunnel works