All the proof you needed that Livett’s are Absolutely Fabulous!

After years of waiting from fans, the big screen adaptation of the much-loved BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous is finally out – and it proves that Livett’s Group truly are Absolutely Fabulous!

Adding to our portfolio of filming projects, we helped the movie’s production team on several scenes, one of which included a mermaid Kate Moss frolicking in a very chilly River Thames. But it was another – a night scene on the water – in which two “lucky” Livett’s staff took centre stage, as they acted as body doubles for the leading stars!

Fleet Captain Lee and Engineer Tracey doubled up as Edina and Patsy respectively as they controlled a boat for filming in the Waterloo area, which was doubling as the French Riviera. You can see how they looked in this piece from the Daily Mirror.

river thames filming absolutely fabulous

The pictured two were also featured on The Graham Norton Show as part of the film’s promotional, which their friends and family had a good laugh about!

It does once again show how Livett’s really do provide everything desired from production crews, whatever their requirement is on the river – anything from lighting to body doubles! Check out our portfolio page to find out more about other projects we’ve had the pleasure to be involved with.