New pusher winches increase efficiency of the Vixen

pusher winches

On Feb 19th the Vixen completed her first job since her new pusher winches were fitted at Livett’s berth in Tilbury. The job involved transporting several hundred tons of sheet piling to Baynard House for a new cofferdam under construction by BAM Nuttall at the site.

The Livett’s pontoon (Rover) was loaded at our logistics hub at Thames Wharf and was pushed to the site near Blackfriars in just an hour, an impressive speed to transport such a substantial amount of material.

This is a great example of how a large load can be transported safely and efficiently while keeping emissions and congestion to a minimum. Carrying this weight to the location would have required approximately six lorry journeys, meaning that over the course of the project road traffic and negative environmental impact will be reduced significantly thanks to using the River.

Livett’s are already providing a variety of marine services at Baynard House and expect to remain there until summer.

The newly installed pusher winches will increase control of loads and allow the Vixen to be a more dynamic vessel, an important feature when transporting heavy equipment as well as the unusual shaped objects Livett’s often need to manoeuvre when coordinating filming and PR event projects.

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