New barge Churchill arrives on the Thames and gets straight to work

tideway barge churchill carnwath road

We are delighted to say that the first of the new Tideway class barges arrived on the Thames over the weekend.

It was revealed back in September that eight new barges were on the way as Bennett’s sought to add huge tonnage to the river as part of the long-term Thames Tideway Tunnel project, primarily based at the Carnwath Road construction site.

The 1,500t capacity barge Churchill completed its journey to London late on Friday evening and was met by Bennett’s tug Christian.

By Sunday she was already onsite at Carnwath, and today began collecting spoil to be deposited at a site in East London. These snowy images were taken this morning, Monday 26 February 2018:

tideway barge churchill carnwath road

tideway barge churchill carnwath road

Churchill will soon be joined by one of its sister barges, Phoebe, which is due to be delivered later this week. The other six barges are in construction and will arrive in the coming weeks and months.

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