Wonder Woman and The Mummy: Livett’s on the big screen during blockbuster season

wonder woman tower bridge

We are always delighted to play a key role in so many major film and TV projects involving the River Thames.

We’ve already had a very busy year in this regard, but now the results of previous work are starring on the biggest stage of them all.

As always, summer sees a raft of new Hollywood blockbusters hit the big screen and two projects we have previously been involved in are now out in cinemas.

Wonder Woman and The Mummy both relied on assistance from Livett’s to produce key scenes in the movie.

Here’s how we helped make them happen…

Wonder Woman

wonder woman river thames

Currently topping movie charts all over the world, Livett’s played a key role in the production of new superhero movie Wonder Woman.

Our specialist craft Scheldemond was used to film plate shots of Tower Bridge, which would later be digitally edited in the film’s post-production.

river thames filming scheldemond i

A 50ft technocrane was placed on the deck, utilising her ability as a stable shooting platform to achieve the desired shots.

You can see the results in the Wonder Woman trailer (from 1min 17secs):

It’s often very difficult when trying to achieve this sort of filming as it’s hard to find vessels with the deck space, manoeuvrability and stability required. However, the Scheldemond offers all three – and the camera crew were over the moon with how the crane performed on the vessel.

This type of filming is soon to be repeated on some upcoming projects, which we will update you about in due course.

The Mummy

the mummy river thames

Livett’s played a small but crucial role in the Tom Cruise-led reboot of The Mummy franchise.

London was a major filming location for the shoot and one scene in particular required the closure of both Waterloo Bridge and of the River Thames itself.

Marine Coordinator Ed Livett liaised with the Port of London Authority (PLA) to ensure the appropriate permissions were in place and on the day coordinated with the film crew and road closure team to ensure the areas were closed at the necessary times.

The scene involved a helicopter passing over a car crossing the bridge, and so getting the timing right for all parts of the shoot was absolutely key. We’re delighted to say the shoot went off without a hitch, successfully and efficiently.

Although there were no actual boats involved in this particular project, Livett’s still played a vital role in the marine management aspect – a service we provide extensively to those looking to film on the River Thames.

We carry out all types of assistance for filming on the River Thames and it’s always an exciting and rewarding experience to see them hit the big screen, no matter the level of our involvement.

Currently we are working on numerous similar film and TV projects and look forward to sharing the details of them in due course.

Until then, get yourself down the cinema and see Livett’s work on the big screen!

If you’re interested in utilising Livett’s services for your next filming project, please visit our River Thames Filming page and contact us with any questions or enquiries. We look forward to hearing from you.