Livett’s new pontoon P2 arrives on the River Thames

p2 barge thames

Livett’s are delighted to announce yet another new addition to our extensive fleet.

The multi-purpose flat top steel pontoon P2 arrived on the River Thames this week after a two-day journey from Hamburg, Germany. She was acquired from the Schramm Group, the previous owners of our two navtugs, Christian and Felix.

Owing to her larger size, P2 complements and adds variety to our existing flat top fleet – Scheldemond II, Sidney L, Rover and Dart – with a loading capacity of over 1,400T. She is an ideal supply barge for marine civil engineering projects on the Thames.

To find out more about P2, including specifications and an image gallery, please visit her fleet page here.

P2 is being put straight to work on the river, delivering segments for the western section of the Thames Tideway Tunnel. However, if you are interested in hiring her or finding out more about how our fleet can help with your project, please get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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