Livett’s help deliver unique feats of marine engineering to the River Thames

iguana yacht river thames

From helping produce Hollywood blockbusters to assisting the construction of huge redevelopment projects and everything in between, Livett’s are constantly involved in a huge variety of projects on the River Thames all year round.

But while they may be some of the more frequent jobs we’re tasked with, we often help accommodate the unusual as well.

In recent weeks, we have played a key role in some groundbreaking marine engineering feats which may have caught your eye on the river.


glider yacht river thames

Livett’s assisted in delivering the truly unique Glider SS18 yacht to St Katharine’s Dock for the annual London On-Water Boat Show.

We provided one of our most experienced and qualified skippers in the shape of Dave Arnold, who used all his 30+ years of experience to safely pilot the vessel from Tilbury Docks – where she was craned in – to her berth at St Katharine’s, via a night at our Butler’s Wharf Pier.

Finesse and all-round skill was the order of the day to successfully navigate the Glider to its location and return it again, as the risk of damaging the paint job on the £1m vessel was not an option!

Of course, we’re delighted to say that both the delivery and return of the Glider – the latter performed by our equally experienced skipper Danny Toulson – went off without a hitch, with many people enjoying its visit to London.

Iguana Yacht

The creators of one of the world’s first luxury amphibious boats, Iguana, called upon Livett’s to provide local expertise to maximise their time marketing their new vessel on the Thames.

We provided the remarkable yacht with a temporary home at Putney Pier for the week as well as our vastly experienced skipper Tim Woolford, who piloted the craft up and down the river.

In addition, Livett’s also provided the Lima Lima I to act as a camera boat for filming of the Iguana Yacht as it made its way through London. With ideal deck space, facilities – and the ability to keep up with the Iguana Yacht! – she was the ultimate boat able to provide this filming service.

Livett’s encourage new vehicles and concepts to use the Thames in order to market themselves effectively. We’re delighted to be company of choice to partner with when launching innovative new vessels, as we provide expertise, safety, experience, know-how and more in abundance.

If you have any questions or enquiries, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!