Livett’s Group win environmental award for work on the Thames Tideway Tunnel

tideway barge carnwath road

We are delighted to announce that Livett’s Group’s contribution to the positive use of the River Thames as part of the huge Thames Tideway Tunnel infrastructure project has been recognised at the 2019 British Construction Industry Awards.

We have been working on the western section of the super sewer in conjunction with our sister company Bennett’s Barges for over two years, as part of our commitment to transport over 800,000 tonnes of spoil from the tunnelling process away from the site via one of our eight new state-of-the-art Tideway class barges.

On average, one large barge can carry the equivalent of 50 HGVs worth of material, which has the dual benefits of alleviating congestion on London’s clogged roads and dramatically reducing emissions.

A study carried out by Tideway last year found that river transport produces less emissions than the road equivalent (per tonne km), even when compared with Euro VI HGVs. When using a 75% full 1,000t barge, up to 90% less CO2 is produced.

Back in May we also began the delivery of tunnel segments via barge, which is an ongoing task running in conjunction with removing spoil from the Carnwath Road site.

The positive use of the River Thames led to Tideway emerging victorious in the Environment & Sustainability Initiative of the Year category at the 2019 British Construction Industry Awards.

environment and sustainability award

We are hugely proud of our work on the Tideway project, and this award further recognises the many benefits of utilising London’s river for efficient freight movements. Speaking at the Tideway barges’ launch event last year, Livett’s Group managing director Chris Livett said: “Look at what we have here [on the Thames]; a four-lane highway with no bicycles, speed bumps or pedestrians.

“All of the major construction projects in London should be using the River Thames to ensure they are efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.”