Livett’s begin delivery of Thames Tideway Tunnel segments

tideway tunnel segments

Work on the Thames Tideway Tunnel is progressing at pace, with Livett’s continuing to play a vital role in the project in recent weeks.

The end of April saw Livett’s commence delivery of segments for the western section of the tunnel, using a combination of our barges and navtugs.

Flat-top barges Sidney L and recent acquisition P2 were mobbed and loaded with the concrete segments at Seacon Terminals in Northfleet.

They were then pushed up river to the project’s Carnwath Road site by navtugs Christian and Felix.

Upon their safe arrival the segments were then offloaded by the on-site harbour crane, ready to be installed underground.

thames tideway tunnel segments barge

thames tideway tunnel segments barge

These deliveries once again give us an opportunity to highlight the positive impact using the River Thames has on the environment. Each barge loaded with segments takes 28 lorry movements off London’s roads, alleviating congestion and unnecessary air pollution. A Thames Tideway Tunnel study last summer revealed the huge difference in emissions between using barges on the river and lorries on the road.

Delivering the tunnel segments is an extensive project, with Rover soon to be mobbed and used alongside the two other barges for the same purpose.

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