Livett’s assist with freight deliveries at 45 Millharbour development

45 millharbour

The extensive redevelopment of London’s many docks and quays is nothing new – and neither is Livett’s involvement in them.

The latest project we have been able to assist in is the transformation of Millharbour, in particular a new 14-floor residential tower just a stone’s throw from the Millwall and West India Docks.

Due to the location of the site, the developers opted to utilise the surrounding environment by arranging for the delivery of over 300 tonnes of paving slabs by barge, an area of Livett’s expertise.

It wasn’t the simplest of tows, however.

thames vixen freight

Delivery of the goods was received at Livett’s 35 Berth, where our team loaded the pallets into barge Tidy Thames 4 before it was towed by Thames Vixen to West India Dock.

Here, Livett’s beaver tug Alfie towed the barge into the dock, through Millwall Cut and into the worksite itself.

This was a delicate manoeuvre as Millwall Cut is just 11 metres wide, thus requiring skilled navigation to successfully get through it – particularly with winds as bad as they have been in recent weeks.

thames barge

June saw the first of six barge-loads of slabs successfully delivered by Livett’s, and we will repeat this process as work continues apace in the coming weeks.

The benefits of this project are being felt around the entire area; this chosen method of transport took 17 lorry journeys both in and out of the site off the roads, alleviating further traffic in an already largely congested area.

It’s a perfect example of how water can be used in one of London’s most densely populated and ever-expanding areas in order to reduce congestion on the roads and unwanted extra pollution.

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