Livett’s and Herbosch-Kiere team up at Bankside Pier

Over the last couple of months, the Civil Engineering arm of the Livett’s Group have been assisting Herbosch-Kiere, marine contractors with particular emphasis in the areas of piling works, with the logistics and planning of Bankside Pier extension.

The journeys for the materials started in Belgium and Holland, and were delivered to Livett’s berth in the Port of Tilbury. Livett’s can offer up to 55m of quay space here and there’s plenty of room to manoeuvre materials from one barge to another.

Last week, three 35 tonne piles have been craned on to Bennett’s Barge, Our Frankie, in the Port of Tilbury and towed up to site at Bankside by Thames Vixen and Steven B.  With Our Frankie being over 50m long, the tow required two tugs to give maximum control and precision through London’s Bridges.

bankside pier extension

The Scheldemond I and II have also been utilised to their full potential throughout the project. The Scheldemond I is a self-powered vessel, featuring an innovative hydraulic wheel house, allowing the barge to pass under low bridges and operate anywhere along the Thames; very useful and unlike any other barge on the Thames.

Livett’s vessel Eddie C has been in attendance as a safety boat and is moored there 24 hours a day and 7 days a week until all works are completed. Last week Livett’s also assisted with the delivery of the crane barge “Sea Devil” to site. Again another tow that was over 50m in length and this time the airdraft was crucial. Due to the height of the crane the tow had to be planned to precision to ensure safe passage through London’s bridges. The Sea Devil’s crane is the principal crane in charge of moving the piles and dropping them into the Thames before the piles are hammered down into the riverbed ready for the pier to be installed.

On Tuesday, last week (10/11/15), the first pile was installed successfully. A thank you is sent to PLA who ensured this first step in the extension of Bankside Pier ran as seamlessly as possible.

Chris Livett, Managing Director of Livett’s, commented on the project progress so far, “We are delighted to be working with Herbosch-Kiere again on such a high profile job improving facilities at Bankside Pier. I am very much looking forward to seeing the developments over the next couple of weeks and seeing the pier being pieced together!”