Launch trailer for Netflix series Lockwood & Co released

lockwood and co poster

Over the course of several months in 2022, our marine film services and coordination team worked extensively on a blockbuster new TV series.

We’re delighted to now reveal that the series is Lockwood & Co, an upcoming British detective thriller series based on the book series of the name, which will soon be landing on Netflix.

Set in London, Lockwood & Co tells the story of teenage ghost hunters who track down and do battle with evil spirits in the dead of night.

Ahead of the highly-anticipated show’s launch, the full-length trailer has been released which you can watch below:

Some high-profile scenes in the series were filmed on the River Thames, which Livett’s marine filming team helped to facilitate. This included the provision of all vessels – including action boats, camera boats, and safety boats – as well as the securing of all required locations and permissions.

Lockwood & Co is one of several productions we have been extremely proud to partner with Netflix on recently. We’ll be sharing more details about our involvement in these big budget films and series in due course, so stay tuned to our website and social media channels for more.

In the meantime, Lockwood & Co will be available to watch from 27 January exclusively on Netflix. Tune in and keep an eye out to see the River Thames take centre stage once again!

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