Launch of the new Jaguar XE – Part 1

jaguar xe launch river thames

On Monday 8th September, Jaguar revealed their new XE model to the world in spectacular fashion. London provided the stage for the launch, with locations throughout the city used to put on an impressive show.

The launch showed the XE being transported by helicopter to Tower Bridge where it was then dropped onto a landing craft on the river. From there the car was taken on the river up to Battersea where the car was then driven to Earl’s Court Arena. At Earl’s Court there was a huge launch event including various music acts and a large drama production. After this a concert was performed by Emeli Sande on a stage floating on the Thames at Westminster with the London Eye as a backdrop.

Livett’s were heavily involved in various aspects of the marine based features of the entire project. Here we look at the first area we worked on.

Helicopter and Landing Craft    

Livett’s worked with production company Inc who planned this section of the event. The car was picked up by the helicopter at Greenwich where it was flown to Tower Bridge. During this time the helicopter and suspended car were followed on the river by our RIB the Delta Lima, which was travelling at 40 knots to film the journey of the flying XE. Our motor boat the M.V. Targa was waiting at Tower Bridge filming the arrival.

For the next section of the sequence in which the boat is being transported on the river, Managing Director Chris Livett skippered the specially made landing craft from Tower Bridge up to Battersea where the boat drove off the craft and up the slipway where it would then appear to continue onto Earl’s Court. The Targa and Delta Lima were both following Mr Livett upriver being used as both safety and camera boats at high speed.

Throughout the planning process the primary services we provided were use of our vessels and sourcing of other vessels for safety, camera, and action use, safety divers, attaining necessary licenses for the purpose built landing craft, and liaising between the client and various authorities including the Port of London Authority.

Please click here to see the video of the event.

In part 2 we will explain how we managed the rigging and transportation of the entire stage used for Emeli Sande’s performance.