Filming in the Royal Docks

sherlock holmes filming river thames

Over the past 30 years Livett’s have been fortunate enough to have been involved in a vast portfolio of filming projects, including high-budget blockbusters, music videos, TV programmes, documentaries and PR stunts. Services we offer to the industry include marine coordination, action/camera vessels, provision of marine safety services, location searches/recce’s and also liaison with relevant authorities and stakeholders.

The River Thames and its surrounding waterways offer a variety of environments and settings that can be ideal for filming work, however one of the most practical and versatile locations for such projects are London’s Royal Docks. The Docks is a very film friendly arena that welcomes productions of all sizes. Big budget productions that have been shot here in the past include Sherlock Holmes, The World is Not Enough (James Bond), and Warner’s Bros latest blockbuster The Man From U.N.C.L.E. which was filmed in the Docks last year.

If a project involves filming on water, the Royal Docks offers an endless amount of opportunities to achieve the required results. In comparison to the nearby river it is non tidal meaning the water level remains the same at all times making the docks a calm and very safe filming environment. The non-tidal state makes stunt work, diving and high speed action a lot more manageable and achievable. The three docks that make up the Royals are the largest inland waterways in Europe, creating an enormous amount of space to play in. Most importantly it offers a truly diverse selection of backdrops to suit the needs of the location manager. Such backdrops include the O2, Excel, London City Airport, derelict factories and warehouses, old pontoons, Canary Wharf, and the new Emirates Air Line. This is all in one location just a short trip down river from central London, with excellent road and rail links.

Livett’s manage all commercial filming and photography in the Royal Docks. If you would like to find out more about filming in the Royal Docks or would like to request an accompanied recce of the area, please contact or call today on 020 7378 1211.