Equity takes starring role in new Apple TV+ series Liaison

equity liaison eva green filming

Another week, another Livett’s vessel hitting screens across the world!

This time it’s the turn of our ever-dependable Equity, which has previously featured in hundreds of productions both on and off-screen over the years.

In scenes filmed for new spy thriller Liaison, Equity takes lead actress Eva Green through the Thames Barrier as she investigates how cyber terrorists caused it to fail – leading to catastrophic floods in the capital (including our Butler’s Wharf Pier base!).

equity thames barrier liaison filming

The trailer, which includes Equity’s scenes, can be watched below:

Despite being released earlier this month, filming on the River Thames actually took place in June 2021. As a former Metropolitan Police patrol vessel, it was natural for Equity to take the leading role as the police boat in the show. Also deployed for the shoot were camera boat Ecocat and safety boat Lima Lima I.

equity lima lima i liaison filming

butler's wharf pier liaison filming

Liaison marks one of the final times Equity’s old look can be seen on screen, as she underwent an extensive refurbishment in early 2023. This included a sleek new black paint job, which you can check out on her dedicated fleet page.

This was the first Apple TV+ series we have worked on, but by no means the last – so stay tuned to find out more! In the meantime, Liaison is available to stream on Apple TV+ now.

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