Danny MacAskill pulls off an extraordinary River Thames stunt for Microsoft

danny macaskill microsoft

On a crisp evening on Wednesday 19th November, stunt biker and YouTube Sensation Danny MacAskill executed a spectacular loop-the-loop in a promotional event sponsored by Microsoft Cortana.

To make the show even more impressive, the huge structure was constructed on a pontoon floating in the middle of the River Thames.

Over a two month period leading up to the big night, Livett’s Group worked closely with PR company Mission Media and event staging supplier Star Media, to plan and develop the event all the way until it’s execution on the night.

Much like several recent promotional events Livett’s have been involved in, the show featured a large structure floating on an area of the River that’s extremely central. Rigging staging in such tidal and busy conditions is no mean feat, however Livett’s are at their most resourceful in this kind of situation and the rig was completed under wraps.

Once complete, the Steven B towed the pontoon and staging up to its eventual moorings in Westminster, where further rigging would take place for the six days leading into the event itself. This substantial load on a particularly long pontoon required expert management and navigation from the crew on board, and all went perfectly to plan in a safe and well controlled tow.

During the six day on-site rigging process, work boats the Meridian and Lima Lima I were provided as safety and transfer vessels for workers and equipment needing to travel to and from nearby Westminster Pier.

On the evening itself the workboats remained at the scene for safety, and Livett’s passenger boat the Eramus moored alongside with Microsoft employees, clients, and media partners on board to claim the best seats in the house for MacAskill’s gravity defying trick.

Effortless as he may have made it look, this was the largest loop-the-loop Danny MacAskill has pulled off, and he has admitted he was pretty nervous before setting off. Onlookers from the Erasmus and also the river banks were certainly in awe of the skill involved (and possibly a little craziness).

Services provided by Livett’s for this project included vessel hire, additional vessel sourcing, marine coordination, safety consultation, liaison with necessary authorities, directing controlled navigation of the river on the night, as well as ongoing management of all marine aspects of the event.

The stunt was another “first” for the River Thames, which is something we are always excited to be involved in! To find out more about the details of this project or to make an enquiry, please contact our Project Coordination team at info@livetts.co.uk or call 020 7378 1211.