An update on the Westminster Pier extension

scheldemond i pier extension

The extension of Westminster Pier has continued in the last three months, an operation that Livett’s Group has been extensively involved in.

We’ve been working on the project at the site on behalf of Herbosch-Kiere and Transport for London which, once finished, will allow Thames Clippers vessels to call there. It’s a job which has included a lot of towage and safety boat work in particular from Livett’s, while Herbosch-Kiere hired the slave crane barge Devon from us.

scheldemond i crane

What has been key for us in this operation is the delivery and removal of the jack-up barge, the Haven Sea7 – something that’s been a tricky process. Its four huge jack-up legs were removed out of 70m long barge Our Frankie and placed on top of the barge was a crane with a 46m long jib.

In total, it’s a 100m long tow, requiring meticulous planning to get up and down the Thames – a task that we successfully completed twice.

scheldemond i river thames barge

Once again, this shows the immense versatile quality of the Scheldemond, as we’ve previously demonstrated during the Baynard House works – a large part of the successful nature of how we plan our tricky tows.

The Scheldemond has been used for various deliveries, including jack-up leg extensions, piling hammers and general welfare. Eddie C has been the safety boat on site for the entire duration of the works, with crane barge Devon acting as the slave crane.

scheldemond i crane barge

And work is still continuing on the site: most recently, we’ve removed the V-berth at Westminster Pier, while the extension is currently in Tilbury being worked on for later installation.

Crucially, the way in which Livett’s task has so far been completed has been yet another first on the River Thames – a successful execution of which we’re very proud.

We’ll update you on further developments on the Thames as and when.