Ab Fab, The Movie

river thames filming absolutely fabulous

The River Thames took centre-stage again recently for filming of the highly anticipated film, Ab Fab, The Movie! Livett’s played a vital role in advising and coordinating the tricky water scenes, offering experienced marine services along the way.

All filming was undertaken at night over the last couple of months, involving some very high profile actors so as usual safety was paramount.

Four very different locations along the Thames were used for filming; the beach at Wapping, Millennium Foot Bridge, Butler’s Wharf Pier. See if you can spot them in the movie!

This time around Livett’s provided Artemis as a safety boat, supervising the film crews at all times and Lima Lima 1 was used as the camera boat. Lima Lima 3 was provided as an action boat which you’ll be able to see in the movie.

As well as using vessels from our own fleet, Livett’s sourced two ex-police boats for the action shots & our vessel Edwardian was moored up at set locations to be used by crew for refreshments and a green-room for cast. Livett’s base at Butler’s Wharf Pier proved to be an ideal base for the Film crew when shooting the Central London scenes.

absolutely fabulous river thames filming

Ed Livett, Projects Coordinator, commented,

“As expected, this was a fun shoot to be a part of. Nevertheless we were there to provide a professional service, and safety had to be paramount and enforced. I am very much looking forward to seeing the final edit in cinemas next summer and spotting Lima Lima on The Thames!”

To find out more about Livett’s filming capabilities along the Thames, contact us today at info@livetts.co.uk or call 020 7378 1211