Ed Livett – Marine Coordinator

Ed Livett is the Managing Director of Livett’s and oversees the company’s renowned marine coordination and filming division.

An eighth generation River Thames Waterman and Lighterman, Ed has worked on the River Thames and connected waterways for over 15 years. In that time he has developed unrivalled knowledge in marine coordination, specialising in marine filming, making him the go-to expert for all production companies looking to film on water.

A legacy of maritime expertise

Ed comes from a long line of Watermen and Lightermen, with the Livett family having worked the tidal River Thames in London since 1710. His father, Chris Livett, is Bargemaster to HM King Charles III and is a pioneer of filming on the River Thames.

His marine coordination work includes groundbreaking scenes such as the iconic opening boat chase in James Bond: The World Is Not Enough.

Ed’s deep-rooted connection to the waterways has instilled in him a profound understanding of the intricacies, challenges, and possibilities of filming on water. As such, Ed possesses an innate passion and understanding for marine coordination, making him uniquely qualified to navigate the complexities of marine filming.

Unparalleled knowledge of all boats and craft

Ed boasts an extensive understanding of boats, vessels and craft of all varieties and sizes. Livett’s own one of the largest fleets on the River Thames, ranging from camera boats and drone platforms to speedboats and safety boats.

Ed has also sourced and worked with hundreds of different vessels for various productions over the years. These range from passenger vessels and sailing ships, to rowing boats, motor vessels and everything in between.

This expertise enables him to not only find and select the perfect boats for your filming requirements, but also coordinate them effectively to ensure a seamless and efficient shoot on any waterway.

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Expertise in water safety

Safety is of paramount importance when filming on the water and Ed has a comprehensive understanding of safety practices and precautions on all categories of water. All marine coordination work is meticulously planned and executed with the utmost attention and adherence paid to essential safety regulations.

No matter the size and scale of the shoot, the priority is always the same: to create a secure environment for both crew and talent, giving clients peace of mind when working on the water.

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Extensive global network in the marine industry

Ed has spent many years building a vast network of contacts in the marine industry worldwide. Whether you need support with filming permits, logistics, or securing specialised equipment, Ed’s connections are invaluable to any marine coordination project.

Strong relationships with key industry players allows Ed to navigate the complexities of international filming seamlessly, ensuring a smooth production process no matter where your project takes you.

An unrivalled portfolio in film, TV and live events

Ed has provided marine coordination services to over 500 productions, including Hollywood films, big-budget TV series, and world-famous live events. He has played an integral role in projects such as the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony, multiple James Bond and Marvel films, and advertising collaborations with renowned brands such as Nike, Adidas, and the NBA.

Notable productions Ed has worked on in recent years can be seen on his IMDB profile and includes:

You can find out more on our River Thames Filming & Marine Coordination and PR & Consultancy pages.

Picture-perfect marine coordination for all types of shoots

Whatever your filming requirements are, Ed has the marine coordination skills and knowledge to make it a reality on water. Ed has extensive experience in marine coordination for all types of shoots, including:

Action scenes

Ed has orchestrated dozens of exhilarating action scenes using various types of boats. These sequences often involve numerous stunt performers, intense manoeuvring, and dynamic camera movements to create thrilling moments that immerse viewers in the heart-pounding action.

Chase scenes

Whether it’s a thrilling pursuit along the River Thames or an intense boat chase through a bustling harbour, Ed has coordinated many chase scenes on the water. He leverages his expert knowledge of boat handling, strategic planning, and coordination with camera teams to capture adrenaline-fuelled moments that keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Plate shots and establishing shots

Ed has facilitated the capture of hundreds of stunning plate shots and establishing shots from water vantage points. Getting these shots exactly right is crucial to productions, particularly when they are required for the use of CGI in post-production.

Drone filming

Ed collaborates with the most skilled drone operators and pilots in the industry to capture stunning aerial shots. Key to this is working in tandem with the operators to secure the necessary permits and implement all safety protocols to guarantee a smooth and incident-free drone filming experience.

Water-based stunts

From daring leaps into the River Thames, to intricate boat-to-boat transfers and sinking ship scenes, Ed has coordinated countless water-based stunts for a variety of productions. He understands the delicate intricacies of these stunts and works extremely closely with stunt teams to ensure their complete safety whilst capturing breathtaking footage.

Night shoots

Ed has coordinated night shoots for many high-profile productions, including the boat chase scene in James Bond: Spectre and EastEnders’ dramatic 35th anniversary episode. Ed’s expertise in marine lighting techniques ensures that the desired mood and atmosphere are achieved, without compromising safety.

Regattas and flotillas

Ed’s extensive experience in filming regattas and flotillas extends beyond just the visual aspects. He understands the complex logistics involved in coordinating such large-scale events on the water, from managing spectator boats and safety protocols to liaising with event organisers and local authorities. Relevant notable projects Ed has worked on recently include The Boat Races, the Reflections Flotilla which marked the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II, and upcoming George Clooney-directed blockbuster The Boys In The Boat.

More than just marine coordination

On top of world-class marine coordination, Ed is uniquely qualified to assist with every aspect of your production, whether it’s on the River Thames or further afield domestically or internationally.

Vessel hire and boat wrangling

From hero boats to support vessels, if any specialist craft are required for your production, Ed can source and wrangle these for you.

Diving services

Ed works closely with the best diving teams in the marine film industry. Owing to these fantastic working relationships, he can arrange fully tailored diving services – such as safety swimmers and HSE approved dive teams – to meet your production’s unique requirements.

Location searches

Securing exactly the right location for a shoot – whether it’s on a river, lake, sea, or any other waterway – is critical to any scene’s success. Ed leverages Livett’s combined 40+ years of marine filming experience to find and suggest the best locations for filming.

Advice in gaining permissions

Any marine filming project requires permissions from relevant authorities and/or governing bodies. Livett’s have decades of experience negotiating and securing marine filming licences with the Port of London Authority and others, and will use these skills to make your plans possible.

Stakeholder liaison

Filming can attract a lot of attention, some of which may be unwanted. To minimise the impact of this, Ed will liaise and work with all relevant stakeholders as part of his wraparound marine coordination services to ensure filming goes smoothly.

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