ACB engaged with Baars BV, a well-respected barge builder and operator in Holland, to design and build a fleet of Hopper barges which could be used to safely transport the spoil excavation from the Thames Tideway Tunnel project. Churchill was the first of these new barges to arrive on the Thames, being delivered and immediately put to work in February 2018.

The barges are identical in design with the same breadth and draft, the only differentiator being their length. The barges were designed to be pushed utilising the navtugs Felix and Christian.

The pusher knees have been designed to allow safe access for the crew from the tug. However, the barges can equally be towed if required. The barges were designed and built using a NASBA berth and have 12mm steel plate on their bottom and chines.

The barges are fitted with a single Pool T.W. HHP anchor with a mass of 1845kg along with 60mm of 32mm anchor chain. All retrieved using a diesel-powered windlass. The barges are fitted with rope baskets and additional LSA equipment to ensure the safety of the crew when using the barges.

Tow coupling winches are situated on the sides of the barge both fwd and aft, which are used to safely moor them together.

All barges will be in class with RINA and able to operate 50 NM to sea.

Click here for a downloadable information and spec sheet for Valiant


  • Length overall: 50m
  • Beam: 11.4m
  • Max draft: 3.5m
  • Weight: 284.2t
  • Type: Hopper Barge
  • Capacity: 1,500t