Livett’s deliver the new Blackfriars Pier

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After our successful work on the Blackfriars rail bridge in recent years and recent work on the Thames Tideway Tunnel, Livett’s returned to work in the area – this time to assist with its pier.

Works in the area have been going on for the past year, with preparations involving Livett’s tug Thames Vixen and flat top pontoon Rover.

Conducted on behalf of our client VolkerStevin, this part of the project consisted of the relocation and delivery of the all new Blackfriars Pier.

The job involved the towing of an 8.5-metre high, 77-metre long pier, which was taken from the KGV Lock to the lower side of Blackfriars Rail Bridge on the north bank.

The Livett’s tugs involved in the pier’s tow were recent addition Christian (lead) and the Vixen (stern).

Crucial to the job was the accurate calculations to deliver the pier successfully with bridges and the tide taken into account, due to the length and height of the tow; all factors needed to be taken into account.

We’re delighted to say that the pier was delivered successfully, as work continues in the area as part of the Thames Tideway Tunnel. All in a day’s work for Livett’s!

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